PODCAST: 5 Keys to Self Care for Entrepreneurs

In this episode of Small Business Connections, Ann Brennan speaks with Sal Schittino, LCPC of Sal's Therapy Corner about limiting beliefs, dealing with difficult emotions, building resilience, and coping with rejection.

Avoiding fatigue and staying motivated are both vital to your business' success. Sal shares 5 keys for self-care for entrepreneurs.

  • Sustaining high levels of motivation
  • Avoiding useless suffering
  • Overcoming decision fatigue
  • Changing self-limiting beliefs
  • Standing up for yourself and getting what you want in life

Sal emphasizes why as business owners we must be disciplined in our self-talk and how becoming more mindful helps you avoid fatigue and ultimately helps you stay motivated.

Download and listen to this episode here

Sal is a licensed therapist and a public speaker. He works with entrepreneurs to overcome limiting beliefs and help them to achieve their biggest goals.

About ASMM Small Business Connection Podcast

The host of ASMM Small Business Connection is Ann Brennan. She is the owner of ASMM Digital Marketing and started the podcast as a means of helping her clients get in front of more people. Since its inception, it has grown to included guests from around the world. If you would like to be on the show, please message Ann directly through LinkedIn.

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Last updated: 26 Aug 2020

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