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15 Nov 2022

Podcast: SALES with ASLAN

Selling is serving. Let us serve you with tips, stories and experts on topics you care about. 

Buyer behavior has changed dramatically. Customers have more information available to them, and therefore are unreceptive, or closed, to sellers. And the harder we sell, the more closed customers become. Traditional selling approaches are working against sellers. ASLAN helps sellers make that shift, from 'typical' selling to a different approach that makes us more influential because we embrace the truth that the customer's receptivity is more important than your value prop or message.

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About ASLAN Training & Development

Nothing sellers are learning today teaches them to convert the rapidly growing number of customers and prospects who are unreceptive.

This is our focus. Whether trying to gain access, win a competitive opportunity, or grow stagnate accounts, ASLAN eliminates the hard sell. And it starts with teaching sellers to serve.  Converting the growing number of unreceptive prospects and customers, seller engagement, and ultimately customer loyalty hinges on a decision to serve or to sell. With this foundation in place, we help organizations refine their process, develop capabilities, and utilize the tools to equip leaders and sellers to crush their numbers.

Last updated: 15 Nov 2022

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