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17 Jul 2020

PODCAST: How to select an e-commerce platform for your store

In part-one of the e-commerce podcast series, Sheelagh Caygill talks to Kevin McCall, founder of podcast agency, explains how to select the right platform for your e-commerce store.

Listen to the part 1 of this podcast series

You'll Learn:

  • The pros and cons of various e-commerce platforms
  • How to review the features of a platform so that it will integrate with an existing website
  • How to select a developer to create your e-commerce website.

About Kevin

Kevin McCall is a technology management consultant based in Toronto, Canada. He is founder of a podcast development and marketing agency called Kevin has experience in e-commerce platforms as well and recently created The Goaling Training Institute online e-commerce site.

Part 2: How to market your e-commerce store

In part-two of the e-commerce series, Sheelagh Caygill talks to Fernado Angulo, Head of Communications with SEMRush. Fernando presents to key tactics essential to marketing an online store.

Listen to this second episode here

You'll Learn:

  • The key tactics to make your marketing successful
  • The importance of strong content on your online store
  • Why you should set aside a marketing budget to advertise if your store is new
  • Why you should track referrals, as well as competitor websites

About Fernando

Fernando Angulo is part of SEMRush's marketing team and manages their influencer program. He is highly knowledgeable in e-commerce and well-versed search engine optimization and the tactics to market a e-commerce website.

Last updated: 17 Jul 2020

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