16 May 2022

Podcast: Work Better Thanks to Writing Stuff Down

The No Office podcast is all about smart work: remote work, hybrid work, effective work and less stressful work.

In this episode Michael Sliwinski and Rafal Sobolewski prove you should write everything down in order to be more productive. When your brain isn't busy remembering everything, it works better, your creativity skyrockets and your stress level goes down. Writing things down is the first and most important tip you should try to implement in your team to boost your efficiency. See why!

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⭐️  Key things you will learn from this episode:

- ✍️ What are the benefits of writing stuff down

- 💻 What tools you can use to have everything written up

- 💰 How you can get and give away $15 just like that :D

Meet The Hosts

- Michael Sliwinski, CEO of Nozbe https://twitter.com/MSliwinski

- Rafał Sobolewski, Nozbe Product Manager https://twitter.com/sobolowy

💜  Powered by Nozbe - project, task and team communication software

Nozbe helps you and your team focus on calm work, with all communication organized in projects, tasks & comments. No more meetings and lengthy email chains. No more wasting time on searching for docs and files. With Nozbe's project and task management flow you will get you work faster and with less stress.

Last updated: 16 May 2022

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