13 Apr 2022

Podcast: Marketing For $100 Million In Sales With Donnie Bryant

In this episode, Donnie shares his framework for writing compelling copy, the differences between great content and great copy, and why it’s not enough to be different in your marketing.

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Donnie is a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant specializing in the financial sector. According to his LinkedIn profile, he says “I help my clients connect with and convert their “should-be” clients with unusually effective marketing messages.”

His techniques have helped his clients make over $100 Million in Sales. You may have seen Donnie’s work, on websites, videos, and emails that have put you into a marketing funnel and may have even caused you to make a purchase.

Direct Response is one the most effective ways to market a product and to incentivize people to buy at the moment. Pre-internet is often seen in mailers and in newspapers. As things changed you will find most direct response marketing taking place on landing pages and in e-mail subscribing activities.

Currently, Donnie is sharing his wisdom through his YouTube channel. He gives out copywriting tips for entrepreneurs and shares subject lines for emails that not only get opened but are more likely to get clicked inside the e-mail! We highly recommend following Donnie so you can step your copy up and start converting visitors to leads.

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About AAMA

The African-American Marketing Association (AAMA) is a professional membership organization for Black marketers to help with their career or entrepreneur journey. We are registered as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Founded in February 2019, AAMA was inspired by years of poor representation in advertising and marketing spaces. We recognized a gap between Black/African American marketing experts and where a diverse mindset is needed the most. We aim to close that gap and increase the amount of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the marketing industry. By connecting this community of professionals, we can offer the world a pool of talented and qualified marketers.

Our community is diverse in skillset, education, and experience. Although marketing professionals can specialize in some particular areas, marketing is a part of every single business. Some experts say, “Everything is marketing.” This concept can range from your customer experience, the unboxing of a product, to FAQs and the delivery of files. We invite anyone who needs to grow as a marketer to join AAMA. Whether you are a graphic designer, content creator, podcaster, speaker, juice bar owner, mechanic, or anything in between, you can find ways to improve your chances of success.

AAMA engages the community through our members-only Facebook group, virtual events, shared resources, and career opportunities. We strive to provide resources and opportunities for one to learn, grow, and connect when you become a member.

Last updated: 13 Apr 2022

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