04 Oct 2021

Podcast: Flip traditional marketing funnels with ABM and personalisation

Napier’s Marketing B2B Technology podcast takes on the world of B2B marketing and PR. Hosted by Managing Director Mike Maynard, a self-confessed geek and ex-engineer, who acquired Napier back in 2001, the podcast focusses on a range of topics across the marketing world.

Recent podcast episodes have included an interview with Shea Castle, Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Terminus, a leading Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform, and Cassandra Jowett, Senior Director of Marketing at PathFactory, a B2B intelligent content platform.

Listen to this podcast episode here

Shea shares how Terminus and ABM flip the traditional marketing funnel, to deliver a full market approach to enable B2B companies to target the people that matter; whilst Cassandra explores how the PathFactory platform helps B2B companies connect content to their customers and use personalisation to create experiences which grow revenue.

You can listen to all the episodes via Podbean or Apple podcasts.

Last updated: 04 Oct 2021

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