23 Dec 2020

Podcast: Experienced Entrepreneurs Stories, Mistakes, and Top Secrets

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, we HIGHLY recommend The Inventive Journey.

Hosted by an entrepreneur/intellectual property lawyer Devin Miller, this podcast hosts a wide variety of entrepreneurs, where they share their stories, advice, and secrets for young entrepreneurs.

You’ll learn what has worked (and, more importantly, what HASN’T worked) for each of these entrepreneurs.

Which one sounds the most interesting to you?

"Find What You Love And Do It" with Josh Baker.

"Find The Right Partner" with Anba Srinivasan.

"Take Every Opportunity That You Can" with Anita Gardyne.

You’ll Learn:

  • What has worked for entrepreneurs that have been in your shoes
  • More importantly, what HASN’T worked for them
  • How to connect with the right people
  • How to get results with limited resources
  • How to start your entrepreneurial journey on the right foot
  • Plenty of other hidden secrets that they have learned along the way

Check out The Inventive Journey now, & if you are looking to protect your startup and intellectual property, you can schedule a free strategy session with Devin himself!

Courtesy of milleripl.com

Last updated: 23 Dec 2020

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