27 Sep 2021

Podcast: Non-Linear Entrepreneur Evolving in Life and Business

Larry Roberts is the host and producer of the Readily Random podcast. It's a Top 1.5% globally ranked show. His creative outlets range from hip-hop dancing to martial arts to podcasting. As a non-linear entrepreneur that left his 9 to 5, he is now the Editor in Chief for Podfest which is the largest trade show in the podcasting space. He is also the founder of Podcast Boost!

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About Holly Shannon

Holly Shannon has a background in corporate, hospitality, trade shows and marketing. Her podcast, Culture Factor, is on every platform where you get your podcast fix. It is ranked in the Top 2% globally. It also won a Top Ten for Workplace & Company Culture podcasts.

She has created content for Auberge Resorts, Block Recruiting and other websites, as well as, social media platforms. Tackling topics like ‘company culture’ and ‘starting a podcast’ in short form published articles as a recurring writer for Medium and RevGenius Magazine keeps her agile as a writer. Additionally, she has had the tables turned and have been a Podcast Guest on several shows.

Zero To Podcast is a culmination of learning to create her podcast, CULTURE FACTOR. She wanted to be able to replicate that success over and over, so she wrote the book.

Last updated: 27 Sep 2021

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