09 Aug 2022

Podcast: How To Sell On Amazon Europe With Andy Hooper

Selling in Europe has been a goal for many Amazon sellers.

Whether you’re based in UK or USA it’s always a siren call. But is it worth the hassle?

Many of my big seller friends in the UK made millions of pounds and Euros before Brexit. Same is true for the 7-figure clients in my mastermind. But about post Brexit? Is it still viable?

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There seem to be so many issues. Between VAT registration, “indirect representatives”, and customs declarations, it can seem very intimidating. Add in the vagaries of the German government and it can feel like it’s not worthwhile.

If that’s how you feel, it’s worth thinking again. For starters, Amazon Germany and Amazon UK together account for well over 2/3 of all European Amazon sales. And with German sales being even bigger than UK ones, they are problems worth solving. Particularly as you’re not the only seller facing these problems. And on the other side of barriers to entry are: less competitive markets!

We talk to the specialist in solving these issues, Andy Hooper of Global Ecommerce Experts.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The opportunities of selling Amazon in Europe
  • The benefits of expanding your market to Europe
  • The main reason why people are scared in selling in Europe
  • Understand VAT Compliance and get yourself ahead with your competition
  • Finding the common red tape issues
  • The benefits of being an entrepreneur instead of a shipping agent
  • The pains of shipping in some areas in Europe
Last updated: 09 Aug 2022

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