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Podcast: The truth about bitcoin’s environmental impact

In this episode of the Harvest Podcast, we have Zach Resnick who is Co-Founder of Unbounded Capital join us to discuss the truth about Bitcoin's environmental impact. We also cover some basics on the crypto market as a whole and highlight some of Unbounded Capital's portfolio companies, which focus on the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision protocol (BSV).

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You’ll Learn:

  • Basics on the crypto market as a whole.
  • The environmental impact of Bitcoin.
  • About the BSV and BTC transaction process.

About Unbounded Capital

Unbounded Capital is a blockchain investment firm built by technical founders that understand the entrepreneurial journey; former poker pros that know how to analyze risk; and investors that understand that early-stage investing is not a passive activity. We envision businesses leveraging scalable blockchains playing a predominant role in shaping how people interact with and use the internet in the coming decades and are working to help entrepreneurs achieve that vision.

Last updated: 08 Jan 2022

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