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Podcast: The Value of Being “Known” – Personal Branding and Marketing

In this episode of The Business of Marketing Podcast, A. Lee Judge discusses becoming Known, Personal Branding, and Marketing Strategy with featured guest Mark Schaefer. Listen in to this interview with this globally recognized author, speaker, podcaster, and business consultant. Hear life-changing stories about Lee’s own growth in personal branding and hear insights from Mark on both brand and business marketing strategy.

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You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of Personal Branding.
  • A discussion about two of Mark Schaefer’s books, “KNOWN” and “Cumulative Advantage”.
  • Shortcomings that people and businesses have in their social media marketing strategies, and how to overcome them.
  • How social media marketers can ensure their deliverables are measurable.

About A. Lee Judge

Lee is an executive-level marketer with hands-on technical acumen. His years of experience working between Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience have allowed him to understand how to be “tri-lingual” and speak to the unique needs and demands of each of those business disciplines.

Effectively communicating between the C-Suite, Marketing, and Sales Operations is the key to Lee’s unique position in helping businesses strengthen their overall selling strategy. Lee helps his clients to see the whole board by optimizing marketing’s role across the business while integrating Business Processes, Sales Operations, and Customer Experience.

Combine 20 plus years as a businessman with 15 years as a radio personality/public figure and you get a person that is able to bring business value and life experiences to the stage with personality and style. Lee is an engaging speaker whose goal is to teach, enlighten, provoke thought, and ignite change within those that he communicates with. Whether as a keynote on the big stage, virtually, or in private corporate training sessions, you can expect the communication of clear expertise and inspiration to your audience.

Following his passion for creating engaging content, Lee is the founder of content marketing company Content Monsta. The company focuses on creating multimedia content such as Videos, Podcasts, and Virtual Events – then helping marketers to squeeze the highest possible ROI out of those assets.

Lee is also the host of The Business of Marketing Podcast where he discusses how to win in the current marketing landscape. Stay up to date and sharp on your marketing knowledge while learning from Lee and experienced marketers.

Last updated: 12 Aug 2021

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