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Podcast: The Strategies, Support and Sales Secrets that Speakers Need

In this episode Tricia Brouk talks with Taylorr Payne about how he helps speakers around the world make an impact by giving them the systems they need for support, the strategies they need for growth, and the community they need along the way.

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You’ll Learn: The parallels between sales & marketing and public speaking Why you aren’t getting the fees you deserve as a speaker Looking for leads and prospects with problems you can solve Providing value and building relationships beyond the keynote Not getting distracted by ineffective magic wands & silver bullets in your business Adapting to speaking virtually and being there for your clients.

About Taylor

Taylorr is the CEO and Co-Founder of SpeakerFlow. He has generated millions of dollars per year in both offline and online settings. He’s also been named by MADcon as the Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leaders in the world.

His company, SpeakerFlow is now an industry leader who helps thought-leaders sell more, serve better and save time through technology, strategy, and community.

After being passed over for the Ivy League schools he pursued, Taylorr began college at Arizona State working toward a degree in chemistry when he found himself called to being an entrepreneur instead.

Taylorr became an expert in growing small businesses and after success in helping companies across several industries, he fell into promoting speakers — where he discovered his true passion and SpeakerFlow was born.

Tricia Brouk

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Last updated: 21 Sep 2021

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