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Podcast: Find Out How Mindfulness Help You Be Less of a Procrastinator

In this episode of "The Aware Mind" with Sarah Vallely and Jacob Derossett, the hosts explore research about the connections between procrastination and health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension and lowered immunity. Sarah also shares four driving forces behind our procrastination habits--optimism, fear, doubt and trauma. Learn which of these elements is behind your procrastination and how mindfulness can stop these cycles.

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Sarah shares strategies for becoming mindful of your procrastination cycles and their consequences on your mind and body. There are great benefits in simply sitting with these cycles, using awareness and practicing self-compassion to move you forward.

This episode is a meditation for beginners, and mindfulness for beginners resource. Intermediate and advanced meditators will also benefit. The Aware Mind produces content that supports stress reduction, anxiety relief, better concentration and focus, and trauma healing.

Download supplemental handouts from our blog to support your practice. A transcript is also available on our blog. The Aware Mind is produced by TSD Mindfulness, a virtual meditation center, offering mindfulness classes, certifications and private coaching.

Last updated: 05 Jul 2022

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