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PODCAST: Supply Chain and the Circular Economy

Deborah Dull is a supply chain strategist and passionate circular economy advocate.

In this episode of “Supply Chain Next”, Deborah shares her insights on the potential financial and environmental wins of integrating sustainability practices into supply chains. You’ll learn about the businesses that are ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability, and how they are benefitting. Deborah will also talk about overcoming the perception that better sustainability means that businesses can’t make money.

Deborah is part of a new generation of leaders who are changing supply chain for the better, combining supply chain expertise with a vision for a better way. She led the digital transformation of $1B in annual spending for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, using technology to propel health care supply chains in developing countries into Industry 4.0. Currently she is the Principal for Manufacturing Product Management at GE Digital and is Chief Energy Officer at Supply Chain Revolution.

Listen to the podcast here >

About “Supply Chain Next”

Join host Richard Donaldson (ex-eBay director of operations) and guests as they dive into the tectonic shifts happening in supply chain today. These engaging conversations explore the effects of embracing technology to optimize, create efficiencies, drive lower costs, improve resiliency, and make strides towards better sustainability.

Named as one of the top 3 supply chain podcasts today, Supply Chain Next explores what the changes really mean and what it will take to be relevant in supply chain over the next 10 years.

Last updated: 09 Jul 2020

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