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PODCAST: The Three Biggest Misconceptions About Forgiveness

In this podcast episode, you will learn the three biggest misconceptions about forgiveness.

“People hurt each other. It happens to everyone. Intentionally. Unintentionally. Regretfully or not. It’s part of what we do as people. The beauty is that we have the ability to heal and forgive." - Adi Alsaid.

In this podcast episode you will learn: How forgiveness can help you to build resilience How and when you can start the forgiveness process How to let go of resentment, forgive others and yourself.

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About Julia Arndt

Julia Arndt is the founder of the Peak Performance Method (PPM), a unique model combining critical productivity, mindfulness and leadership tools to help forward thinking individuals and organizations develop the next workplace superpower through scalable programs.

Besides writing her first book, Julia is a stress management trainer, international speaker and the host of the "STRESSD" podcast that has over 45.000 podcast downloads globally to date.

Julia originally hails from Germany, has lived in 5 countries over the last 14 years and speaks three languages fluently. After working at Google in Silicon Valley for seven and a half years while the company grew from 30.000 to 100.000 employees, Julia has been running her own consulting and coaching business, helping over 4500 employees at innovative companies like Google, Microsoft, Uber, Swisscom and many more understand the effects of stress on body and mind, move beyond burnout and build a mindful lifestyle that delivers focus, high energy and productivity.

Her motto: If your brain is your most valuable resource, let’s make sure to take care of it. Your career success and satisfaction depends on your ability to develop the next workplace superpower.

Today, you can find Julia at and on her Stressd Podcast.

Last updated: 20 Jan 2021

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