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Podcast: Impactful Technology Leadership by Story of Software Show

In this episode of the Story of Software podcast, CEO and podcast host Padraig Coffey is joined by Kevin Ruthen, CTO at ‌ Fora Financial, to‌‌ ‌‌discuss‌‌ ‌‌the principles and challenges of effective tech leadership.

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Some of the topics covered in this episode include: How has the role of a tech leader evolved over the past decades The overarching principles of good leadership in technology The common mistakes newly appointed tech leaders make, and how to avoid them Creating a culture of high performance within technology teams.

About the Guest – Kevin Ruthen, CTO at Fora Financial

Kevin Ruthen, Chief Technology Officer at Fora Financial, is responsible for the product & development engineering team, technology platform, and the company’s data exchange and security. Kevin has held many leadership roles including CTO, Head of Technology, and Global Managing Director. He has held these positions across various industries including publishing, consulting, and most recently, the financial services sector.

Last updated: 09 Mar 2022

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