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PODCAST: What is a psychologically informed environment?

In this podcast Pete Jackson talks with various professors, authors and elite athletes around the topic of the psychologically informed environment (or PIE). Guests include former rugby international and public speaker Leon Lloyd and Olympian and author Cath Bishop.

Link to the podcast episode here

You’ll Learn:

  • Different perspectives on what makes a psychologically informed environment (PIE)
  • Contemporary views on key psychological topics such as resilience, identity, values, ACT, social identity and dual careers.

About Pete

Headquartered in London, UK, but practising with athletes, performers and teams from around the world, Pete works with clients on the psychological dimension of their sport, business or performance-based endeavours - in both a face-to-face capacity and through online sport psychology.

As well as performance psychology, Pete has extensive experience within the corporate world, currently serving as a senior director at a large sports management consultancy.

Pete is registered with the British Psychological Society, so all interactions are underpinned by credible training programs and scientific literature. No smoke and mirrors. Just conversations, tools and ideas underpinned with evidence.

Last updated: 06 Dec 2021

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