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Podcast: Interviews to Inspiring leaders in Risk and Compliance

The Risky Women Radio podcast interviews leaders and rising talents in risk, compliance, regulation, governance, and business ethics. These topics shape the way financial transactions, human trafficking prevention, anti-money-laundering, mobile payments – and a million other business processes happen in our world today.

Speakers range from regulators themselves to global CROs, from San Francisco to Hong Kong. The content is focused on innovations, best practice, and of course the career path of the interviewee.

Take a look at some highlights from Season 3:

Behavioural Science Driving Conduct and Compliance: Kate Miller

Kate Miller, leader of Standard Chartered Bank’s Conduct & Behavioral Analysis team on how they are using science to influence behaviors towards better outcomes.

Listen to this podcast episode here

AI Re-imagines Financial Crime Risk: Elke Biechele

Elke Biechele, CEO RisikoTek, on moving from corporate banking to central banking to running her own regtech startup focused on tackling $5T of financial crime. Listen to this episode here.

The Impact of Governance: Pru Bennett

Pru Bennett, formerly of BlackRock, on the spectrum of ESG, what boards should be asking themselves, how they can proactively manage risk, and benefits of diversity. 

Listen to this podcast episode here

Regulator Series: Sarah Hayes from London’s Financial Conduct Authority

Sarah Hayes, UK’s FCA Head of Department, Lending & Intermediaries, Authorisations, in our ongoing Regulator Series – Phoenixing, Regulatory Sandbox, Financial Inclusion. Listen to this episode here.

About Risky Women

Risky Women® is a global network inspiring and connecting women to be bold, to extend and to take risks. The network has a foundation in Governance, Risk and Compliance and focuses on the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape offering connections and ideas for building business and careers for women and of course men too.

Last updated: 30 Dec 2020

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