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Podcast: Organic Growth and Client Experience, Expanding Your Business

In this episode Jonathan Kuttin talks with Financial Services Executive Jacob Dunlap.

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You’ll Learn:

  • The Three Tenants for Growth - Retention, deepening connections, and word of mouth
  • Kuttin Wealth’s Approach to helping advisors expand their practice through discovery processes like data gathering and ongoing client-advisor relationships
  • How goal-based advice and keeping meaningful promises can add value to client relationship retention
  • How establishing systems and processes within your practice can help you organically scale
  • The power of referrals and how to correctly get into the referral-based culture
  • And more!

About Jake

As the President of Kuttin Wealth Management, Jake Dunlap, CRPC® brings over 20 years of experience as a financial services executive at Ameriprise and leads the financial operations as well as the recruiting and team development efforts.

Last updated: 14 Oct 2021

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