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Highlights from SHRM 2018 Annual Conference & Exposition in Chicago

What did you miss this year at SHRM's Annual HR Conference?

Equal pay, employee misconduct, employee benefits - of the many topics and concerns floating around the work world, SHRM's 2018 Annual Conference & Exposition addressed many of them. Find out why there is so much excitement around SHRM's Annual Conference and what some of the top highlights were this year. 

Who is SHRM? 

Let's start out with who exactly SHRM is. The Society for Human Resource Management, also known as SHRM, is the largest HR professional society in the world. As a leading provider of resources serving the needs of HR professionals for nearly seven decades, SHRM is a trusted source for HR professionals everywhere.

SHRM 2018 Annual Conference & Exposition

SHRM's Annual Conference & Exposition has become one of the top events for HR professional development. This year's conference took place last week in Chicago on June 17-20. In addition to providing professionals and companies with the tools and resources needed to improve their HR practices, this year's event also covered some controversial and trending topics. 

Conference Highlights

Here are some of the highlights from this years HR conference: 

  1. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg spoke out about closing the gender gap and the importance of addressing biases in the workplace. She addressed many high-priority topics including providing paid parental leave, promoting equal pay and the need for bereavement leave. 
  2. Due to the many stories in the news this past year of sexual harassment accusations against high-profile leaders, psychologist Dennis A. Davis, Ph.D. gave a talk on how HR can better handle these accusations by planning ahead and being prepared. 
  3. Motivational speaker and author Steve Gilliland, gave an empowering speech about how to become a great leader that people want to follow. 

If you want more details on the stories listed above or want to know what else happened at the SHRM 2018 Annual Conference & Exposition this year you can access all of the highlights at SHRM's website here. (Source:

What does this mean for professional development?

 Human Resource professionals play a dynamic role in creating and maintaining positive, safe and productive work environments. The SHRM Annual Conference creates a space where HR professionals from all over the country can network, learn and grow their skills to improve all aspects of the HR function. Register and attend SHRM's 2019 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas next year!

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Last updated: 05 Oct 2020

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