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Popular Training Topics in North America

Are you curious about what training topics users are searching for the most? Find out what the top 3 training trends were in 2018!

Just as fashion trends are constantly changing with time, the same occurs in the world of professional training. Learning and development is continuing to grow and transform at a rapid pace, with various training needs and demands going in and out of style at the blink of an eye.

In order to keep your training options in line with what buyers are looking for, it is imperative that training providers understand what topics are currently trending in the world of L&D. 

To get a grasp of what training buyers are looking for, we collected all of our visitor traffic from 2018 and sorted it to determine what training topics users were searching for the most. 

Below are our rankings for the 3 most sought after training topics in 2018 based on visitor views. To see the full list of training topics, have a look at our full North American Training Report: Industry Trends 2018.

1. Leadership                                              15.98%    

Based on our findings from our North American Training Report, the most sought after training topic by visitor traffic in 2018 was leadership training, drawing in 15.98% of visitor views.

Although leadership usually starts at the top, the title of "leader" should be reserved for everyone working in a company. 

Strong collective leadership within an organization can have a monumental impact when it comes to improving company culture, enhancing employee engagement and growing existing talent.

2. Business and Management                      14.9%

The second most sought after training topic by visitor traffic in 2018 was business and management training. Closely behind leadership training, business and management captured 14.9% of traffic views.

Business and management is a very broad training category, making it a popular and suitable choice for a range of candidates. 

Covering a wide variety of topics within L&D - business technology, business services, management development and more - we predict that business and management training will continue to draw in a substantial amount of traffic in 2019.

3. Finance                                                       8.80%

The third most visited training category in 2018, bringing in 8.80% of user views, was finance. Similar to leadership and business and management, finance training is made up of a variety of subcategories such as accounting, investment, taxes and insurance. 

The importance of financial management for organizational success makes it unsurprising that finance training made it in the top 3 spots for most visited training topics. 

Since financial regulations are not likely to stop changing anytime soon, financial training will continue to hold a strong position within the world of professional development. 

Keep an eye out for the release of our North American Training Report: Industry Trends 2019 to learn what training topics are trending in 2019! 

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Last updated: 06 Jun 2019

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