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4 Podcast Episodes to Help Nonprofit Leaders and Professionals

Episode 150 - Frenemies: Solving Problems with Unlikely Partners with Leah Garces

When was the last time you had a genuine conversation with a person you disagreed with?

Especially in these polarizing times, it's hard to imagine sitting down with an "enemy of our cause." But our guest, Leah Garces, points out these are exactly the people we must work with to create change. Join Leah as she challenges us to make effective and lasting change by:

  • Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Recognizing the humanity of our so-called enemies
  • Seeking the win-win solution

Listen to this episode here

Episode 155 - The Big Secret: Moving from Strategy to Results with Leslie MacKrell

Too many organizations with talented staff and phenomenal strategy still struggle to get results. This episode's guest, Leslie MacKrell, explains how your operating model holds you back. With Leslie, we look for honest answers to these tough questions: What you need? What do you have? How do you bridge the difference? Download this episode now to begin building or enhancing your nonprofit's operating model.

Listen to this episode here

Episode 164 - How to Love Your Next CRM with Maureen Wallbeoff

Are you considering adopting a new, or perhaps your first, CRM? Before you make any decisions, listen to today’s conversation with Maureen Wallbeoff! In this half-hour episode, you will benefit from:

  • Tips for selecting the CRM for your nonprofit
  • Ideas to prepare your organization for the big change
  • Recommendations about the best CRM databases for small and medium-sized nonprofits.

Listen to this episode here

Episode 167 - DEI: Leading by Example with Germeen Guillaume

Germeen Guillame is a nonprofit podcast listener with an important message to share. We discuss one of the biggest nonprofit issues: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We unpack the bias that exists in organizations, and we examine how this bias impacts people of color and the nonprofit sector. Germeen outlines how our organizations can live our DEI values, serve our communities effectively and lead by example.

Listen to this podcast here

About Successful Nonprofits® Podcast

The Successful Nonprofits® Podcast helps nonprofit professionals and leaders meet today's challenges. Every week, we bring you professional development, thought provoking conversations and practical advice.

With over 8,000 downloads each month, we are one of the top nonprofit podcasts in the nation. We achieved this ranking by bringing you best-selling authors, thought leaders, and accomplished nonprofit professionals you won’t hear anywhere else. Subscribe today and get your weekly dose of nonprofit wisdom!

The Successful Nonprofits® Podcast is hosted by Dolph Goldenburg, an Atlanta-based consultant and proven high performance leader in the nonprofit sector. You can learn more about Dolph Goldenburg and his team and you should check out his nonprofit manifesto.

Listen to more episodes on the Successful Nonprofits® website

Last updated: 18 Sep 2020

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