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Podcast: The Parlia Podcast helps you understand why people form opinions

Turi Munthe is the CEO of - the encyclopaedia of opinion, and a serial media entrepreneur and investor. In the Parlia Podcast, he asks: Where do your opinions come from? Why do we think what we think?

We live in opinionated times - culture wars, identity politics, polarisation... Everyone has an opinion.

In each episode of the Parlia Podcast, Turi Munthe talks with thought leaders from around the world to help us understand the nature of opinion: how we form ideas, why we argue and what that means for society?

Our ideas make us who we are, and yet we never ask where they come from. These aren’t idle academic questions today. We are at our most polarised in a generation and COVID-19 has only accentuated those divides.

In the face of Climate Change, the shift of global power away from the West, the surge of populism all over the world, now is precisely the time we most need to bridge those divides and come together to think on these new challenges.

Informed solutions come from informed debate: knowing your mind and hearing the opinions of others.

That’s the premise The Parlia Podcast is built on. It’s why we’ve handpicked thought leaders to help us understand how we think, and whose big ideas inspire us to question our most long-held views.

About the Podcast and the Host

Turi Munthe is a serial media entrepreneur and investor. He founded Parlia, the encyclopaedia of opinion, with J. Paul Neeley Prior, he founded Demotix, which became the world’s largest network of photojournalists, and sold it to Bill Gates’ Corbis Corporation.

The Parlia Podcast is a project of

Last updated: 19 Oct 2020

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