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4 Inspirational Stories To Get You Through The Space In Between

As we all navigate the highs and lows of life we often find ourselves in what we call at nOMad, “the space in between”. As we’ve all collectively been in this space, one way or another, by sharing our stories we have an opportunity to expand into a world of greater possibilities of healing together. Phoebe Leona, founder of nOMad always at OM and the host of nOMad’s The Space In Between Podcast, and her guests share inspirational stories from their own times of hardships, transitions, rock bottom, and everything in between that brought them to a new way of living.

Below are some of our favorite episodes that we hope that can inspire you to move through your space in between.

#101 Meet Alexander John Shaia: His Story of Radiance - Meet Alexander Shaia, speaker, author, mentor for the transformative Journey of Quadrators and its books ``Radical Transformation,” “Heart and Mind,” and “Returning From Camino.” Listen in and journey with Alexander and Phoebe as he shares his wisdom of trusting the “knowing” rather than “hoping” and inviting us all to let go of the light and find radiance.

Listen to this podcast episode here

#103 Meet Anthony Johnson: His Story of Embracing The Suck - Meet Anthony Johnson. A veteran, life coach, author, and devoted father. Listen as Anthony shares his journey from an Army Airforce Veteran to listening to his inner voice and coming into his own as a life coach and now author. As he and Phoebe discuss their shared paths in writing their books, Anthony hopes his words will invite us and potential young readers to discover that “your adversity is your advantage.”

Discover the full episode here

#105 Meet Amy White: Her Story of Channeling Possibilities- Meet Amy White. Intuitive Medium, Channel, & Truth-Bomb Dropper. Amy White is an International Best-Selling Author, highly sought after speaker, and Intuitive Medium on a mission to help individuals heal the past, discover personal truths, and thrive. Listen as Amy tells her story of tapping into her connection with “The Greater Consciousness” where she dials into the inner wisdom of those she works with and unlocks their limitless possibilities. Amy speaks about her journey in embracing her gift and the dance to help people tap into their own inner being.

You can check this episode here

#Meet Amy Soucy: Her Story Of Deepening Awareness - Meet Amy Soucy. Teacher, Mover, & Artist. A lover of movement and devoted student of the mind-­body connection, Amy's teaching is a holistic blend of yoga, mindfully creative movement, and meditation that allows you to come as you are and explore the wisdom and wonder present in each unfolding moment. Listen as Amy and Phoebe connect on their journeys as performing artists transitioning into the world of yoga and mindful movement, and finding that those paths have intertwined as they had to navigate how to integrate having to show up in a way that is sacred to yourself and the practice but also knowing how to “play the game”.

Listen to this podcast episode here

About The Podcast

Welcome to The Space In Between Podcast! Hosted and produced by Phoebe Leona and nOMad always at OM. The Space In Between Podcast is where Phoebe and her guests will share inspirational stories and tools that help us get through those times of breakthroughs to expand into a world of greater possibilities. Join Phoebe and the nOMad community every week for another story from the space in between.

Last updated: 03 Mar 2021

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