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Podcast: Making People Better by Vita Health Group

This month’s topic is children and young people’s mental health. This podcast episode delves into children’s mental health and provides help and guidance including recognising the signs, how to support and advice for parents and family members. Featuring Sally Tribe and Dr Omar Kowlessar, Vita's mental health experts.

Listen to this podcast episode here

In this other episode, Vita Health Group's Phil Adkins and Lucie Ironman discuss the topic of mental health, explore the seasonal impact on wellbeing with a focus on the awareness day, Blue Monday. Phil and Lucie provide tips on good mental health strategies and how to get help if you need it.

Listen to this podcast episode here

The next topics in the series are Sleep in March, then Stress Awareness for April. I have attached files and images for you, let me know if you require any more information about the speakers which I can provide

About Vita Health Group

Vita Health Group celebrates life. Improving lives physically and mentally drives everything we do. Vita Health Group is an award-winning market leader and has been at the forefront of healthcare for the past 30 years.

We work with the UK’s largest companies providing corporate services around mental health, physical health, education and training to help organisations support their workforce to stay fit, healthy and happy.

Our teams work in partnership with the NHS offering unique insight, physical and mental health treatments in a person-centred approach.

We offer national coverage for physiotherapy treatments, via a network of over 850 easy to access, quality assured physio clinics, which can offer same day appointments.

Last updated: 22 Feb 2022

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