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5 Podcast Episodes for Every Aspiring Engineering Leader

Engineering leadership is a tough nut to crack. Even the greatest leaders admit it took them years to get good at it, and there’s no such thing as a perfect leader.

It’s especially hard when you’re getting into an engineering leader role after a successful run as a software engineer. It’s a completely different role, and you have to do a lot to figure out what will make you good at it.

This is what we aim to help you with.

We bring you interviews with seasoned engineering leaders. They talk about specific topics with and share their stories and experiences.

Check out these podcasts to become the best leader you can possibly be!

1. The Ultimate 1 on 1 Meeting Guide from James Stanier 

Avoid the rookie mistakes engineering managers and engineering leaders make at running one on one meetings. James Stanier, SVP of Engineering at Brandwatch will teach you how to handle one on ones with both introverts, and people who complain all the time, along with many more tips and tricks.

Listen to this podcast episode here

2. The Ultimate Skip Level Meeting Guide for Leaders

Panel discussion interview with Sarah Milstein, Sr. Director of Engineering at Mailchimp, and Tanisha Barnett, Director of Engineering at Mailchimp. They get into the details of holding skip level meetings, let them be one-on-ones or group meetings. Here's everything you'll ever need to know about why you want to have your own skip level meetings, what they look like, what questions to ask, how to break the ice, keep track of them all, and much more. Here you have the full episode.

3. Engineering Leadership 101 - Lessons from Michael Lopp

Engineering leadership is a tough nut to crack. Even the greatest leaders admit it took them years to get good at it, and there’s no such thing as a perfect leader. Learn the basics of engineering leadership from seasoned veteran and praised writer of the leadership world: Michael Lopp a. k. a. "Rands".

Listen Engineering Leadership 101 episode here

4. Time Management Masterclass for Engineering Managers

Learn the top time management and productivity tips, tricks, hacks, and practices engineering managers use to get on top of their endless mountain of work. Profit from the hard-earned experience of Matt Martin, CEO of Clockwise to become the best manager you can be! You can listen Martin's episode here.

5. Leadership Styles to Improve Your Developer Team’s Performance

Master these 3 leadership styles to build an amazing engineering team and maximize your own potential as well. In this interview with Shawn Fair, you'll learn how, when, and why to use the democratic, autocratic, and free rein leadership styles for optimal results.

Access this podcast episode here

About the Podcast

Level-up Engineering reveals actionable management secrets from some of the most successful engineering leaders. This podcast brings you key insights from fellow engineering leaders, to level-up your management skills and to take your developer team to the next level.

Last updated: 16 Feb 2021

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