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3 Essential L&D Trends for 2019

Start 2019 on the right foot by reflecting on what has happened in the world of L&D over the past year and gaining insight into what training buyers will be looking for in the upcoming year.

Advancing technology and changing skillsets mean that it’s more important than ever before for organizations to ensure that their employees have the right training. In response, a growing number of industry leaders have started putting out reports about the current and future state of L&D.

At the forefront of this movement have been organizations such as Training magazine and Deloitte, with other key players including us here at and LinkedIn contributing their own findings over the last two years.

These reports have helped show the importance of L&D for personal and organizational success and have also helped training providers determine what training buyers are looking for so that they can deliver useful and impactful learning experiences.

Last year our U.S. L&D Benchmarking Survey: 2018 revealed where organizations are investing in talent, how much they are investing, and additional insights into challenges and attitudes around training. The goal of this survey was to help training providers better understand the corporate training market and shed light on the challenges and trends that would shape the market in 2018.

In order to get you started off on the right track in 2019, here are our top 3 predictions of the training trends you should look out for in the new year based on findings from our new U.S. L&D Benchmarking Survey: 2019 and the Trends 2019 report created by our partner, Training Industry. Get the inside scoop on what to expect in the upcoming year!

Prediction 1: Learning Technology Will Stay on Top

Over the past year we have seen technology become more and more integrated into the L&D sector. As the business world becomes increasingly reliant on technology so do training providers. Corporate learners want training that doesn’t only fit into their busy schedules but also matches the way they carry out their daily roles in this high-tech world.

In an article in Forbes, Cameron Bishop, CEO/President of SkillPath, one of the largest learning and development providers in the United States, says: “I have learned that organizations need personalized training that incorporates cutting-edge technology, supports professional development and encourages employee engagement.”

According to our L&D survey, the most frequently used external training method companies used to train employees in 2018 - beating out company-specific training, workshops, seminars, and classroom courses - was e-learning.

Expanding your services beyond the classroom, and offering training on multiple platforms, such as e-learning, mobile and on-demand, can ensure you stay relevant with training buyers and stay competitive with other industry players.

Prediction 2: Providing Ongoing Support will be a Game Changer

According to the Trends 2019 report created by our partners at Training Industry, Learning is no longer seen as a one-time training event but a continuous process. As a result, classic learning frameworks need to adapt to modern learning systems.

In 2019, valued training providers are going to be the ones that offer services that go beyond the training event. Offering clients tools or services that will allow them to engage in continuous learning after a training session will make you stand out and put you in a position to attract future clients.

Prediction 4: Personalization will be Key

This year our survey has shown that a top problem that L&D departments have faced in 2018 has been aligning training with their L&D goals. In addition, one of the biggest problems that employees face is their lack of time to participate in training. For this reason, it is important that you make your training programs count.

It is time for training providers to move away from a standard learning approach. Personalizing your training program to meet the needs of the learner and/or the organization is crucial in this day and age.

By taking the time to sit down with your client and develop a program that meets their specific needs, you will not only help them succeed but you improve your reputation as training provider and open more doors for customer returns and future bookings.

Keep an eye out for the release of our U.S. L&D Benchmarking Survey: 2019 to access detailed statistics on the U.S. training market and to find out more about where the training industry is headed in the new year!

Last updated: 01 Mar 2019

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