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Podcast: How HR Can Lead in Uncertain Times

Nowadays uncertainty is one of the main issues organizations and employees are dealing with. In this podcast episode of HRchat show, Steve Brown discusses about the role of HR and how professionals can lead employees and organizations through uncertain times.

Brown reflects on the importance of HR in such scenarios. HR has a great responsibility moving the organization forward. Leading change and behavior through uncertainty is possible when HR performs active listening in order to adapt processes to discover and solve people's needs. 

When HR professionals enact this supporting role at the organization they are able to strengthen connections between employees and assist individuals and teams when possible. Building firewalls to tackle increasing common concerns is key to build strong teams. Brown argues that HR professionals should fill these gaps with continuous adaptation that will lead the whole organization forward helping employees to successfully overcome this complexity. 

Listen to this podcast episode here

Steve Brown is the Vice President of Human Resources for LaRosa's Inc., a restaurant chain with more than 1100 employees. He is also the author of HR on Purpose! and HR Rising! where he shares his thoughts about the development and evolution of HR in today's organizations. 

About the Podcast

The HRchat is hosted by Bill Banham and produced by HR Gazette show offers interviews with influencers, leaders, analysts, and those in the HR trenches. HRchat covers the big issues relating to HR, Leadership, Talent, Diversity and Inclusion, Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Performance, and Company Culture. 

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Last updated: 11 Sep 2020

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