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Podcast: Kirsty Sharman Serial Entrepreneur And Founder Of Referral Factory

In this episode of Hitechies Podcast, we have Kirsty Sharman Founder and CEO of Referral Factory. In a very open and warm conversation with Pramod Dhakal they discuss various topics some of them as below:

  • Journey as a serial entrepreneur
  • Challenges as Female Tech Entrepreneur
  • Importance of gaining trust for busines
  • Diversity at workplace
  • About Referral Factory
  • Empathy as leadership
  • COVID-19 Challenges etc

Listen to this podcast episode here

Kirsty Sharman is the Founder of Referral Factory, her third company. She boasts a stellar career with over a decade of experience within technology and marketing, having consistently identified the latest consumer trends and built companies to address these needs. She Co-Founded and built an influencer marketing platform, Webfluential, all the way back in 2014 when influencers were only just developing as a viable marketing channel.

Based in Amsterdam, Kirsty founded Referral Factory in 2020, with a mission to empower any company, of any size, to build and run powerful referral programs without any technical know-how. By relying on Referral Factory’s quick and easy-to-use platform, brands can finally maximise their most underutilised sales and marketing channel – their own customers. A steadfast champion of equality, more than 50% of Referral Factory’s staff are women and pay scales are the same for every employee, regardless of gender.

A proud Johannesburger, she was listed as one of the top 200 young South Africans to watch and also Co-Founded Johannesburg’s first Girl Geek Dinners female networking events. In addition, driven by her commitment to diversity, Referral Factory has been recognised as one of the most gender-diverse startups in the Netherlands.

About the Podcast

Pramod Dhakal is a Tech entrepreneur at heart, a natural leader, an Agile practitioner, and a Digital Transformation provoker. He has spent over a decade implementing various large-scale transformation initiatives in large multinational organizations. He is an author and contributor at Hitechies largely in the technology space. Pramod is an active investor in cryptocurrencies and he is extremely positive about the future of the decentralized digital economy.

Last updated: 25 Mar 2021

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