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Podcast: Should You Be A Life Coach?

This episode is for anyone who is exploring a career as a life coach and wants to learn more about what it takes. I sit down to share what skills are needed to become a competent coach, whether certifications are necessary and how to actually start your business and start attracting clients.

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I hope you enjoy this little peek inside my business as much as I enjoyed sharing it!

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • How and why Anna decided to become a coach, and what she was doing prior
  • How her corporate skillset helped her as an entrepreneur
  • About the certification Anna holds and why she chose IIN
  • Why Anna never thought she’d have her own business
  • The old model of coaching vs the new model
  • What it means to be trauma-informed and why it’s important
  • The skills needed to become a successful coach (and why a thick skin is one of them!)
  • Biggest mistakes Anna sees coaches making
  • Where to start and how to get your first clients
  • Whether you need to have your shit together in order to be a great coach
  • and how to work with Anna if you’d like guidance on your coaching journey

About the Podcast

The Full Circle Podcast is a collection of interviews and solo episodes on all things personal growth, relationships, wellness, spirituality and entrepreneurship. It’s an eargasm for humans who are here to do big things.

Last updated: 26 Oct 2021

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