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Podcast: College Planning and Funding Advice with Joe Messinger

What does it take to go to college? A lot!

The average total cost of college ranges from $25,290 (in-state) to $50,900 (private)… for EACH year! (

In this episode of ‘The 4FP Podcast’, host – Jake Wagner talks to Joe Messinger (Co-Founder & Director of College Planning and Chief Education Officer from College Aid Pro). They talk about how raising the bar on College Funding Advice and sharing some great advice and strategies for college funding. They also discuss some mechanics of college.

Listen to this podcast episode here

Having never actually had to budget and make ends meet, college students struggle to understand, or even know, the cost of college. That’s why we appreciate College Aid Pro (link) and Joe Messenger so much!

This software helps simplify one of the most complex financial decision a person can make. It’s also an incredible tool for CFP® Pros who want to help their clients purchase college.

About the 4FP Agency

We are a digital marketing agency serving Financial Planners, Financial Advisors and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) for marketing consulting and implementation.

Jake started this firm because his life's passion is to help individuals have a better relationship with their personal finances. We work with fee-only independent advisors. Most have a passion for Life Planning, Financial Planning 3.0, and exploring the deeper meanings of money with their clients.

Last updated: 21 Oct 2021

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