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Podcast: The Power of Modular Construction During a Crisis

In this episode, Steve Randall speaks to Sam Whitworth and Maddie Podstada of Stelling Properties Limited. Steve was also given a tour around the Stelling Properties factory and himself and Pete the Builder discuss modular construction.

If you have an interest in modular construction or you want to hear how it is being used to aid civilians fleeing the conflict in Ukraine then this episode is for you!

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Sam Whitworth is the Engineering Director for Stelling Properties. Sam’s portfolio consists of working in the Marina, Aerospace and Civil Sectors. Sam is committed to the development and delivery of new technology and products. He also enjoys being challenged and works well under pressure.

Today however they are using their expertise to help civilians fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

Stelling Properties are now designing and building transportable accommodation inside shipping containers to aid in housing civilians living in dangerous and freezing conditions in refugee camps in Europe. The carefully designed and insulated units can provide shelter for up to two adults and two children or three adults at a time.

They provide them with space to sleep and eat. Known as Project Re: Haus, this venture is staff-led and is a separate charitable initiative started by the team just days after the news of the war broke around the world. Maddie Podstada is the Project Coordinator for Project Re: Haus. A future charitable organisation that is designed to be a solution for those displaced by conflict, war, and natural emergencies. Maddie believes that the speed of modular is what makes it suitable for a crisis.

A modular can be built, transported and then be ready for use within two hours. Visibly emotional when the first containers were transported, Maddie and her team are very proud of the hard work and long hours that they put in to help families fleeing from their countries. If you wish to help Maddie and her team with their admirable project you can make a donation at

About Constructive Voices Podcast

Constructive Voices started as a construction podcast in April 2021 but it wasn’t long before the team were drawn towards focusing on sustainability and other crucial issues of our time.

By November 2021, Constructive Voices hosted its first virtual event which focused on the Post COP26 Roadmap. The main guest was Victoria Kate Burrows, the Director of Advancing Net Zero, at the World Green Building Council.

She was interviewed by Henry McDonald (Guardian Newspaper journalist) as well as by some of her peers, including a Cambridge Professor, Dr. Darshil Shah and Claire Wansbury, Award-Winning Ecologist & Associate Director at Atkins Global, Vicente Guallart – Global Award-Winning Architect and Sumele Aruofor – Senior Strategic Marketing Manager for SketchUp at Trimble.

We have other events like this that bring together global thought leaders from industry, academia and local government scheduled.

As the Constructive Voices brand became aligned with sustainability within the AEC sectors, a new and very important event reached out to us to become a media partner earlier in June 2022.

Last updated: 16 Aug 2022

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