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Podcast: What makes a good website? 6 non-techy steps to use today

When therapists, coaches, and small business owners come to me for SEO consulting or services, they all have one thing in common: They want more people to visit their website and then turn into paying clients. Part of SEO involves making sure that you've included the elements of a good website in your site's design and content. Here are 6 elements that I focus on first whenever someone asks me what makes a good website. These are changes you can make to your website on your own. No tech expertise needed.

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About Dr. Ronit Levy

Dr. Ronit Levy works to empower therapists, coaches, and values-driven business owners to get the most out of their website and online presence through SEO (search engine optimization). With 20 years of experience as a business and leadership consultant, psychologist, successful private practice owner, and SEO specialist, she empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to increase their clients, impact, and profits.

Last updated: 18 Aug 2022

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