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Podcast: Look Beyond the Norm and Shatter Biases to Enrich Yourself

In this episode, Automated Creative’s founder Tom Ollerton talks to Unilever’s Senior Global Brand Manager for Magnum Ice-Cream, Tugce Aksoy. She shares her favourite marketing books and how she has learnt about innate biases in technology and marketing.

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You’ll learn:

  • How to embrace opportunities and juggle overwhelming projects
  • How our innate gender biases (and not only) have influenced the design of products and services, and how you can make a difference for the future.

About Tugce

Tugce is the Senior Global Brand Manager for Magnum Ice-Cream at Unilever. She studied engineering originally, but is also a writer in her spare time. She combines her creativity as a writer with her technical knowledge to drive purposeful marketing at Unilever. Tugce is an advocate for breaking bias in technology and marketing, from product development to the language used in communicating marketing messages and selling those products and services. She’s also an active member of Unstereotype Alliance, dedicated to ending harmful gender stereotypes in advertising.

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021

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