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Podcast: Ep 29: Attract & Stand Out Podcast with Darlene Hawley

When I started my business I left my nearly two-week intensive training and felt on fire.....I felt like I could help everyone and every type of business there was.

Though technically I had the training to help any type of business create a profitable business, my mindset was completely wrong.

I'm one person, I can't help everyone. Nor do I want or need to.

See I struggled during the beginning of my business because my marketing and messaging were so broad that I wasn't really calling in my ideal audience and I almost quit.

I almost walk away from my life purpose to empower entrepreneurs to find the confidence and clarity in their personal brand and business by sharing their unique life story, all because I couldn't see how I was hurting my own business, by not niching down.

After 2+ years I walked away from the business coaching franchise I had been trained by and felt like a failure and that I wasn't worthy.

The worst part is I had lost thousands and thousands of dollars.

A few months later I sat down and journaled for hours and mapped out a plan for how I wanted to show up in the world. How I was going to be more of myself and stop watching what everyone else was doing and stop "should-ing" all over myself.

It was during that time that I was able to get super clear on my why, what I loved doing, what my skills are, what pieces of my story mattered and what I stand for that allowed me to create the niche structure that I use still to this day, 11 years later to support my dreams as well as my clients to create a revenue-generating business that they love all while working 30 hours a week or less with ease.

I know you want it too.

Watch my Nail Your Niche and Become Unforgettable to Your Audience.


Have a friend who you know would benefit by getting clear on their niche so they can grow their business?

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Darlene Hawley is a speaker, podcast host, business coach, and communication expert who shows ambitious, heart-centered entrepreneurs and rising business leaders how to speak up, stand out, and make more impact.

Her genius is twofold. Darlene shows entrepreneurs 2+ years into their business how to deepen their business foundation and go after visibility so they can share their message with the world, attract dream clients, and have the impact, freedom, and flexibility they desire.

Plus, she supports organizational leaders and their teams to strengthen their inner and outer voice so that they can speak up for themselves and the ideas and issues that matter most and move people to take action whenever they speak.

As the host of the Attract & Stand Out Podcast, Darlene has been featured on podcasts, in articles, and on stages such as the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, Elephant Journal, CVS, Salvation Army, Pechanga Casino, UNLV, MACC Project, Bank of America and San Diego Gas & Electric.

Prior to starting her own business, she worked her way up in big box retail operations management, as a mortgage loan officer, and as a financial coach. Darlene has been committed to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses since 2007.

Darlene is a certified Step into Your Moxie® Facilitator, and she is a past SCORE Inland Empire Workshop Chapter Chair and past president of the International Coach Federation of Nevada.

She is a mom of four, parnter, connector, storyteller, and dream builder based in Temecula, California.

You can connect with Darlene and learn more about her speaking and coaching at

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Last updated: 09 Aug 2022

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