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VR: A New Reality for L&D

Virtual Reality for L&D

Once a curiosity occupying the edges of L&D conferences, virtual reality is stepping forward to take its place as a core training tool for departments daring enough to try it.

No longer being used exclusively to train in the military, aviation, and heavy industries, VR training is being tested and deployed today by companies like Walmart, KFC, UPS, and McDonalds. The expectations are high that the training medium will become more widely adopted with the VR training market forecast to generate $216 million in 2018 and grow to $6.3 billion in 2022.

We spoke with companies developing the technology, as well as companies using it for training, to help you begin thinking about how your organization might use VR for employee training in the future. Mining their experiences to look for best practice commonalities, we delve into deciding how VR can be helpful, what to look for in a technology partner, how to develop content for this new medium, conducting a successful roll-out, evaluating your success, and how it can complement rather than replace existing training.

Finish reading the ''VR: A New Reality for L&D'' article to learn how to:

  • Decide whether your company is ready to train with VR
  • Select the ideal learning solutions or technology partner based on your needs
  • Collaborate with developers, learners and facilitators for the most successful training content
  • Utilize the technology to design practical, thought-provoking learning experiences for your staff

Featuring practical advice from L&D professionals who have piloted VR training in their organizations such as the Fidelity Investments, Farmers Insurance, and the Met Office, this article is part of the U.S. L&D Report 2018: Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy. 

Download the report below:


U.S. L&D Report

What's included?

  • The employee training budgets, highest priority training topics, and most-used training methods of today.

  • Down to earth advice from L&D leaders to help you work with emerging technologies, develop your learning culture, and measure and promote the business impact of workplace learning.

  • What challenges L&D professionals rate as #1 in 2018, how they rate executive engagement at their company, assess the impact of training and more!

U.S. L&D Report: 2018
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Last updated: 18 Jun 2018

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