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Project Management Certifications in the US - Infographic

The popularity of project management is on the rise. The PMI estimates that there will be 8.8 million project management jobs needed in the United States and almost 90 million worldwide by 2027. Currently eighty-three percent of organizations report that they can't find qualified project managers to fill open positions. Whether you already work as a project manager or are thinking of getting into this field, being certified confers a number of benefits such as more job opportunities and higher salaries.

Today, there are a number of project management certifications available for everyone from experienced project managers to recent graduates who need a certification to help them get their foot in the door. In the infographic below, we have chosen five of the most sought-after project management certifications and taken them through an in-depth comparison. These are:

  • PMP
  • CAPM
  • CSM
  • CompTIA Project+

If you have been wondering which project management certification is right for you, scroll down to discover the requirements to earn and maintain each of these certifications, the average salaries, pros and cons, and more. Still have questions about which is best for you? Get in touch here!

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Last updated: 28 Aug 2018

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