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Offer Employees More Training to Improve Your Employment Brand

This guest article was written by the team at 24 Seven

Did you know that almost 8 in 10 employees believe it’s important they have access to the most up-to-date technology at work, but just half said their company is offering that? The majority of respondents to 24 Seven’s 2018 Job Market Report also said that they aren’t being prepared for the rapid technological change or for their next step on their career path.

While the majority of talent are confident that they have the industry skills most needed today, many of our survey respondents expressed an expectation to retrain for a new career direction in the future.

Staying employable and professionally significant is a very real concern shared by almost all respondents and despite the recovered economy and record-setting unemployment, workers are concerned about job security.

When asked what threatens their employment most, professional relevance, skill currency, adaptability to change, and technological are among the top ten risk factors. Companies with a demonstrated commitment to helping employees conquer these threats are becoming the most sought after employers in a competitive hiring market.

So how do you begin improving your employment brand? We highly recommend taking a hard look at your current training, professional development, and technology options offered to employees.

Sixty percent of workers reported that the training they receive at work is inadequate and almost all professionals (88%) surveyed said that they are taking it upon themselves to keep their skills relevant and to stay marketable in the employment market.

Increasing internal training and career development isn’t only helpful to lure talent, but can also keep top performers motivated. Employees who feel professionally stagnant at their current company are six times more likely to be a flight risk than those who feel they are continuously growing.

Top performers and in-demand professionals have an unprecedented advantage in the job market right now. To become a sought after employer, a company needs to prove that it offers continual training, actionable development plans and clearly communicated career path opportunities to employees.

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Last updated: 28 Jun 2019

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