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diversity and inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Training is No Longer Optional

When it comes to diversity and inclusion training in the workplace, skeptics abound. Research and think pieces alike are pessimistic about the long-term results of diversity training. But for some companies, D&I training has come a long way from a standard, mandatory PowerPoint lecture.

Armed with powerful technology like virtual reality and multi-modal approaches, this next generation of D&I training teaches employees about unconscious bias and cultural competence in sustainable, meaningful ways affecting company culture and innovation from the ground-up.

This kind of D&I training should no longer be considered an afterthought, but rather as a way to drive real change, ensuring a pipeline of diverse talent that will foster innovation at your organization.

We spoke to leaders at Merck, BCG Digital Ventures, The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc, and STRIVR about how to create meaningful, business-driving D&I programming that’s more than lip service.

Finish reading the ''Diversity & Inclusion Training is No Longer Optional'' article to learn how to:

  • Adopt a philosophy of radical inclusion
  • Use a multi-modal approach to D&I training
  • Involve your organization's leadership for successful campaigns
  • Use technology as a tool to enhance impact

This article is part of the U.S. L&D Report 2019: Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy

Download your free copy of the report below:


What's included?

  • The employee training modalities, number of days of training, and budget outlook for corporate learning in 2019.

  • Down-to-earth advice from L&D leaders to help you adopt cutting-edge innovation and diversity and inclusion programs. 

  • How corporate learning leaders rank their impact in their organization, adopt new technologies, and engage employees in 2019.

U.S. L&D Report: 2019
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Last updated: 14 Jan 2020

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