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5 Elements of Worldclass Leadership (White Paper cover)

5 Elements of Worldclass Leadership (White Paper)

For 20 years, Academy Leadership has been developing application-based leadership programs using techniques developed in the military and proven in business.

Leaders who motivate, develop, and care are rare these days. Employees are leaving companies in search of better managers and a more positive employee experience.

According to research, six hours a week with each direct report is what you need to increase their engagement and development, and thereby their productivity.  But how to accomplish that with all the administrative tasks and strategy meetings that already eat up your calendar?

Achieving focus and alignment among your employees is the key. Download this free white paper to learn more.

In this whitepaper you will learn to: 

  • create a statement of purpose and goals that employees can focus and believe in
  • internalize the values yourself to clearly articulate the company’s purpose, values, and vision for the future
  • educate employees to know how their actions contribute toward the achievement of the mission and its goals

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Last updated: 08 Jul 2022

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