Professional Development Grant FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Professional Development Grant 2020

Q: How do I enter the grant drawing?

A: Entering the grant drawing is easy! All you need to do is fill out this form with your full name, email address, and country of residence so that we know how to contact you if you win! We also need you to include the full URLs of two eligible courses that you would like to take (your primary and secondary choice)

Q: What does full URL mean? 

A: It means every part of the course URL starting with "" and ending with a five to seven digit number. The easiest way to get the full URL is to simply copy it from the address bar when you are on the course page.

Q: Why do I need a secondary course?

A: In the case that your first chosen course doesn't have any suitable upcoming dates, or is no longer available at the time your name is drawn - we ask that you choose a second option so that we can fund your course as soon as possible.

Q: What happens if my secondary course isn't available?

A: If your secondary course isn't available we will work with you to choose another course when we let you know that you have won. We want to award the grant to the first eligible applicant we dra, so we are committed to helping you find another course if your first two choices won't work.

Q: Which courses are eligible for the grant?

A: See eligibility on the grant homepage or our terms and conditions to see which courses are eligible

Q: How will the grant be awarded? Will send me the money?

A: When your course selection has been finalized, will pay the training provider directly. If the price of your chosen course exceeds $1,000, we will have the course provider invoice you for the remaining amount. We will not send you the grant money directly.

Q: When will the grant be awarded?

A: The grant will be awarded through five separate grant drawings throughout 2020 (with one in January 2021). See grant drawings for more information.

Q: How will I know if I have won?

A: If you win one of our grant drawings, we will reach out to you at the email address you included in your application. You will need to accept the grant within seven days of being notified.

Q: If I don’t win a grant drawing, do I need to apply again to be considered for the next one?

A: No you don't! Once you have applied for the Professional Development Grant, we will keep your application in the running until the end of the year unless you win. Before each drawing, we will remove applications with duplicate email addresses, so applying more than once will not increase your chances of winning. 

Q: Who is applicable for this grant?

A: The Professional Development Grant is open to all citizens and permanent residents of the U.S. or Canada who are 18 or older. 

Q: Will this grant cover the full value of the course I choose?

A: The Professional Development Grant will cover up to $1,000 towards any eligible course. If you choose a course that costs $1,000 or less, the grant will cover the full value. If you choose a course with a cost of over $1,000, the grant will not cover the full value.

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